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Input by Human

This Instagram Caption is about:
- restaurant amber
- hong Kong
- Michelin 2 restaurant
- is so good
- loved the birthday cake, lamb, wagyu and appetizer
- service was good
- chef came out to see Us!

Template of the Caption:
💯 The Dining Room behind BluHouse

Heard a lot of mixed reviews about the BluHouse but decided to give it a try. Little did I know instead of the actual BluHouse, I have booked a table at The Dining Room, which is a more slightly upscale dining room at the back of the BluHouse 🍝

We decided to order what they recommended:

✅Battuto Di Vitello Piemontese (veal tartare)
✅La Casseruola Di Mare (seafood casserole in tomato sauce)
✅Red prawn and uni pasta (no longer on the menu)

We loved the seafood casserole! The seafood were fresh and absorbed the flagrant tomato sauce. After dividing the seafood into the right portion, the remaining tomato sauce will be used to cook pasta handmade by the restaurant. We personally prefer the pasta that comes with the seafood casserole rather than the pasta offered on their menu lol. The overall experience at the Dining Room was unexpectedly good (likely because of all the mixed reviews about the BluHouse)! Maybe give the Dining Room a try next time!
👉🏻Dining Room by BluHouse
📍G/F, Rosewood Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, TST
💰 $1000-$1200 pp
🍽️ #dummyintst

Output by A.I.

✨Celebrating a special occasion @ restaurant Amber!We decided to go to the Michelin 2-star restaurant, Amber in Hong Kong for our special occasion and we were not disappointed! The food was so good, we loved the birthday cake, lamb, wagyu and appetizer. The service was good too, and we were pleasantly surprised when Chef Richard Ekkebus came out to meet us! 🤩 Definitely recommend a visit to Amber if you're looking for an unforgettable dining experience in Hong Kong 🍴👉🏻Amber📍7/F, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong💰 $$$$ 🍽️ #Amberhongkong

A few more examples of outputs by A.I.

This Instagram Caption is about:
me hiking up Mount Everest
Template of the Caption:
Exploring the caves in El Arcotete eco park near San Cristobal. Right next to this archway you can find a cave as well as a zip line - a really nice way to spend a day off in Mexico. 🇲🇽
ℹ️ Local tourist agencies offer day hikes but also biking trips in the area. You can also rent a bike for the day and explore the park - make sure to have an offline map ready with you and lots of water!
Output: Climbing to the top of the world! 🗻 I'm so proud to have hiked up Mount Everest and it was definitely a challenge I won't soon forget. 💪 Make sure you're prepared for the extreme conditions - be sure to bring a map, lots of water, and the right gear for high-altitude hikes! 📷 #Everest #Mountaineering #Hiking #Adventure


This Instagram Caption is about:
Another creation from another week, first time working on a character- GROOT CAKE, for y’all marvel lovers.


Chocolate cake filled with caramel & dark chocolate ganache. Decorated with chocolate stripes and green wafers.
Template of the Caption:
”A brownie a day keeps the frownies away.”

Growing up, I’ve always had this Homemade Brownie Recipe that I will go to whenever there is a bake sale at school. It’s been so many years and this time I’ve decided to try this brownie recipe by Chef @brunoalbouze! Not the ordinary cookbook recipe, his recipe definitely has the ‘special’ ingredients that give THIS brownie its unique texture and intense flavor with a hint of 🍯!

Chocolate Mixture:
180g butter
125g dark chocolate
80g brown sugar
100g white sugar
30g light corn syrup or honey

Egg Mixture:
200g whole eggs
1g salt
2.5g vanilla paste or extract
100g sour cream
50g dutch-process cocoa powder, sifted
125g walnut, pecan or hazelnut, crushed
125g bittersweet chocolate disks

This recipe is 100% for fudgy brownies lover! (moist, gooey, fudgey…yum!)

⚪️Corn Syrup/ Honey- this thick, sweet liquid gives the extra gooeyness in your brownie

⚪️Sour Cream- its consistency will help to prevent your brownie batter from loosening up, and the end result of the binding action is a super-dense, chewy brownie. TA-DA!

These goodies can last 3 to 4 days in room temperature or up to a week in the fridge. Have fun and treat yourself some brownies today. 🤎

#brownies #chocolate #dessert #homemade #brownie #foodporn #food #baking #foodie #fudgybrownies #yummy #desserts #chocolatecake #bakery #delicious
Output: Calling all Marvel fans! Introducing my first-ever Groot Cake creation! 🤩 This moist, chocolatey cake is filled with rich caramel and dark chocolate ganache and decorated with chocolate stripes and green wafers - a perfect combination to make this special treat even more delicious! Ingredients: Chocolate Cake: 2 eggs ¾ cup sugar ⅔ cup vegetable oil 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 cups all-purpose flour ⅔ cup cocoa powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 cup milk Caramel & Dark Chocolate Ganache: 2 cups dark chocolate chips 2 tablespoons butter 1/3 cup caramel Decoration: Chocolate stripes Green wafers It's time to treat yourself to a Groot Cake! 🎂 #grootcake #marvel #chocolatecake #dessert #cake #caramel #ganache #baking

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