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Input by Human

Plot: A woman named Jane who is deeply in love is crushed when her fiance Gerald breaks up with her.

Output by A.I.

Jane had been head-over-heels in love with Gerald ever since they had met and started dating. They had been together for over a year and Jane had thought that they would be together forever. That was until Gerald broke up with her without warning. The shock of being so suddenly and unexpectedly dumped was overwhelming for Jane. She was devastated and her heart felt like it had been crushed into a million pieces. She felt like she would never love again and she was filled with grief and sadness. One day, Jane decided to take a walk in the park in an attempt to clear her head. She walked around aimlessly until she came across a park bench. She sat on it, and was surprised to see Gerald there. He had been watching her the entire time. Gerald apologized to Jane for breaking up with her so suddenly and without any explanation. He admitted that he had been scared of commitment, and that he had been afraid of losing Jane. He told her that he still loved her, and that he wanted to be with her again. Jane was taken aback, but it didn't take her long to realize that she still loved Gerald too. She accepted his apology, and the two of them embraced and kissed on the park bench for what felt like hours. They eventually went back to Jane's place and talked for the rest of the night. Jane was filled with happiness and relief, and she was glad that she had been brave enough to take that walk in the park. Thanks to that, she was able to reunite with Gerald and get the happy ending she had always hoped for.

A few more examples of outputs by A.I.

Plot: Jane and Gerald are two mad scientists living in the Amazon Rainforest. Jane discovers a mysterious shiny object. The scientists are mesmerized and frightened.
Output: Jane and Gerald were two mad scientists living in the Amazon Rainforest. They had been researching the different plants and animals that lived in the dense jungle for years. One day, while they were out exploring the area, Jane stumbled upon a mysterious shiny object. The object was a metallic sphere that looked like it was made of some kind of alloy. Jane and Gerald were mesmerized by the object and could not take their eyes off of it. Despite their curiosity, they were also frightened by its unknown origins. They decided to take the object back to their lab to examine it further. When they arrived they noticed a strange glowing coming from the object. It seemed to be pulsing with energy. After a few days of experimentation, the two scientists realized that the object was some kind of alien technology. It had been sending out a signal of some sort that they were able to decode. The signal contained coordinates to a hidden location deep in the rainforest. Jane and Gerald were now determined to find out what was at this mysterious location. They packed up their equipment and set off in search of the coordinates. After a long journey, they finally reached their destination. The two scientists stepped into a large open clearing and found themselves face to face with a group of alien beings. The aliens explained that they had sent the object as a way to contact Earth and that they were looking for allies. Jane and Gerald had just made contact with an alien race and were now part of an intergalactic alliance. They could hardly believe their luck. From that day forward the two scientists would be known as the Mad Scientists of the Amazon Rainforest.

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