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Blog Topic Ideas

Create new blog topic ideas that are engaging

Input by human

Company name: Altcademy

Product description: Online coding bootcamp that's 10 times cheaper than traditional bootcamps

Audience (optional): Knowledge workers

Example (optional): Now is the best time to learn coding

Output by A.I.

1. What is a high paying job with coding skills
2. Bootcamp costs vs. traditional education
3. This bootcamp has no compromises
4. Time commitment necessary to learn coding

Demo video

A few more examples of Blog Topic Ideas

Company name: Google
Product description: A search engine for the world wide web
Audience (optional): Everyone
Example (optional): n/a

1. How does Google use technology to deliver a personalized experience?
2. Google's decision-making process
3. What has changed with Google in the past decade?
4. What were some of the first products that Google created?

Company name: Airbnb
Product description: Short-term rental anywhere in the world
Audience (optional): n/a
Example (optional): n/a
1. The Benefits of Using Airbnb
2. This is how people rent their homes and apartments for as short as one night
3. What are the recommendations for guests and hosts using Airbnb?
4. How did Airbnb come to be?